Sarajevo 20111st European Universities Judo Championship

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: June 23 - 26, 2011



The 1st European Universities Judo Championship was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, from June 23 to 26, 2011.


Sarajevo by the Miljacka River

The event, organised by the Sports Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Committee for University Sports, brought together 126 students athletes from 45 different universities, coming from 14 European countries and representing 45 universities. The largest number of participants came from the host country Bosnia and Herzegovina, followed by France and Turkey.



Before the official start of the event, more than 20 international referees involved in organisation of the championship, gathered on the Referee Meeting, while the Team Leaders came together for the Technical Meeting and the official draw held in the presence of EUSA representatives, Mr Matjaz Pecovnik, Secretary General and Mr Branislav Crnogorac, Technical Delegate.


Matches at the Sports Hall Ilidza

The competitions took place in Ilidza Sports Centre, where also the Opening and the Closing Ceremonies were organised. The opening started with the march pass of the students athletes.


Opening ceremony


The participants were after addressed by Mr Branislav Crnogorac, President of the BiH Committee of University Sports and Mr Matjaz Pecovnik, EUSA Secretary General. Mr Crnogorac thanked all the authorities, sponsors, referees and students volunteers for their contribution in organisation of this event, as well as EUSA for attributing the event to Sarajevo. Mr Pecovnik thanked the Organising Committee and BiH Committee of University Sports for taking the challenge and organise the first edition of the European Universities Championships in Judo. "Already now I can say that this event exceeds all our expectations and is a great prospect for all the next editions to be organised" he added.


Opening Speeches: Mr Pecovnik and Mr Music

Mr Fikret Music, Prime Minister of the Canton of Sarajevo officially opened the championship. After listening to the national anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the EUSA anthem Gaudeamus Igitur, the participants enjoyed the cultural program with the folk-dance show. The ceremony and the championship matches were broadcast life by the Sarajevo Television network.



European Universities Judo Champions:

-60 kg:

1. TRBOVC, Matjaz – SLO – University of Maribor
2. ZAVDIL, Jan – CZE – Czech University Sport Association
3. ACCORSI, Amedo – ITA - Centro Universitario Sportivo Milano
3. KOSCICA, Slobodan – BIH – University of Banja Luka

-66 kg:

1. VON FREEDEN, Niklas – GER – University of Osnabruck
2. KONSTADINOVIC, Uros – SER – University of Nis
3. REIS, Philippe – POR – University of Coimbra
3. GACEMI, Medhi – FRA – University UMLV


1. MRDIC Mitar BiH – I. Sarajevo
2. SEDMIDUVSKY, Vaclav CZE – Czech zemedolska univerzita v Praze
3. TAMELLIN Aleksandre FRA – University Sciences Po Paris
3. FERNANDES. Jorgen POR – University of Coimbra

-81 kg:

1. IVEZIC, Miroljub SRB- University of Belgrade
2. OZERLER, Halil Ibrahim TUR - Marmara University
3. BARKIN BASOL, Mehmet TUR– Celal Bayar University
3. LUKAC, Aldin BIH, University of Travnik

-90 kg:

1. KUKOLJ, Aleksandar SRB – University of Beograd
2. GARTNER, Luka SRB – University of Novi Sad
3. LUKAC, Aldin BIH – Univrsity of Travnik
3. TAVRA; Ivan CRO – University of Split

-100 kg:

1. DISOVIC, Milan SRB- University of Beograd
2. PEREZ BALLESTER, David ESP – University of Valencia
3. JAHIC, Jadranko BIH – University of Sarajevo
3. AMMON, Mallory FRA – University Staps Orsay

+100 kg:

1. MILADIN, Ibro BiH – University of Travnik
2. SUBOTIC, Drazen BIH – University of I. Sarajevo
3. SEHOVAC, Marko BIH - University of I. Sarajevo
3. SILVA, Diogo ESP – University of Lisbon


Medallists Men (-60kg)

Women Medalists

-48 kg:

1. SAVANOVIC, LJiljana – SER – University of Nis
2. KOMLJENOVIC, Dejana – BIH – University of Istocno Sarajevo
3. CHAUVE, Tiphaine – FRA – University STAPS Paris Descartes

-52 kg:

1. DUPORT, Lucie – FRA – UPC Paris
2. RANKOVIC, Vesna – SER – University of Novi Sad
3. SOUSA, Ana – POR – University of Coimbra
3. SANTOS, Marta – POR – University of Lisboa

-57 kg:

1. RECEVEAUX, Helene – FRA – University La Sorbonne
2. TATALOVIC, Ana – SLO – University of Ljubljana
3. BEKIC, Andrea – CRO – University of Zagreb
3. RUIZ, Julia – FRA – UPMC Paris

-63 kg:

1. PRUVOST, Marielle FRA – UPMC Paris
2. MILJKOVIC, Milana SRB – University of Belegrade
3. KATIPOGLU, Busra TUR – Marmara University
3. BUKER, Bahar TUR – Celal Bayar University

-70 kg:

1. MIRJANIC, Branka SLO – University of Ljubljana
2. ETIENNE, Valerijane FRA – Uni Paris Est Creteil
3. POWELL, Natalie Anne GRB – Cardiff University
3. EISNER, Maite SUI – University of Lausnne

-78 kg:

1. MENTOUOPOU, Geraldine FRA - Staps Orsay
2. JONES, Fiona GBR - Royal Holloway - University of London

+78 kg:

1. ANDEOL, Emilie FRA – UMLV
2. CERIC, Larisa BIH – University of Travnik


Medallists - women (-48)

At the end of the event, the EUSA Flag was given to the representatives of the University of Coimbra, Portugal, which will organise the 2nd European Universities Judo Championship in 2013.


EUSA flag passing to the University of Coimbra

More results and photos of the EUC Judo in Sarajevo are available on the official website of the event: