Coimbra 20107th European Universities Tennis Championship


Coimbra, Portugal: July 25-31, 2010




The University Stadium of the University of Coimbra received 34 teams from 16 countries, a record number of participants. A lot of players have positions in current ATP and WTA rankings.


Matches EUC Tennis 2010

After more that 200 matches, the new European champions were known this Saturday. In male final, the title went to Kozminski who won Zagreb University by 2-0, in a very competitive game. In female final the title went to Leonard Da Vinci who won Moscow by 3-0.


Champions 2010 - men

Apart from games, the participants could know Coimbra University, the city, its culture and traditions and Figueira da Foz Beach.

Doing a balance, the O.C. President Ricardo Duarte considers that the opinion of delegations is the same: it was the best European Universities tennis Championship ever.


Organising Committee and EUSA Technical delegate

EUSA Tennis Technical Delegate, Nick Grivas, agrees that “the big numbers of participants shows that tennis is a very popular sport among students. The Coimbra Organizing Committee had done  a tremendous work ensuring the players very good continuous for playing tennis, living and socializing,” adding that we are very proud that as a result of Tennis EUC, Coimbra students and community have now more courts to practice tennis.



This year's EUC Tennis adventure is concluded. Next year the Championship will take place in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

The official website has detailed results, photos and other information.






1. Kozminski University Warsow, POL
2. University of Zagreb, CRO
3. University of Stockholm, SWE
4. University of Montpellier, FRA
5. University of Valencia, ESP
6. University of Rouen, FRA
7. University of Poznan, POL
8. Dublin City University, IRL
9. University of Split, CRO
10. University of Ljubljana, SLO
11. University of ST. Gallen, SUI
12. WG Munster, GER
13. MESI Moscow, RUS
14. University of Coimbra, POR
15. University of Warsaw, POL
16. TU Lisbon, POR
17. University of Athens, GRE
18. Maastricht University, NED
19. University of Tallin, EST
20. University of Cyprus, CYP
21. University of Lisbon, POR


1. University of Leonard de Vinci, FRA
2. MESI Moscow, RUS
3. University of Zagreb, CRO
4. University of Kozminski Warsow, POL
5. University of Valencia, ESP
6. Dublin City University, IRL
7. University School of Physical Education Wroclaw, POL
8. University of Maribor, SLO
9. University of Warsaw, POL
10. University of Helsinki, FIN
11. Maastricht University, NED
12. WG Munster, GER
13. University of Lisbon, POR