Kazan 20107th European Universities Beach-Volleyball Championship


Kazan, Russia: July 5-7, 2010



The 2010 championship, which was held in Kazan, Russia between July 5 and 10 saw participation of 13 men's and 14 women's teams from 9 countries, representing their universities.


Men finals

Right after the finals, the medal and prize giving ceremony took place on the center court, followed by the closing ceremony. In the beginning the officials greeted the referee team and the volunteers who helped the athletes on the courts.


Women medallists

The women's medal ceremony was held by Director General of the Kazan 2013 Executive Board Mr Vladimir Leonov, EUSA CT Chair Mrs Daniela Erni and Russian representative on the FIVB Council Mr Ilya Volodarsky. Amid camera flashes and applause they presented three best women's tandems with the cups, medals and commemorative diplomas, with the Russian tandem of Victoria Rastykus/Daria Yarzutkina from the Moscow Institute of Business and Law topping the podium.


Men medallists

President of the Russian Student Sports Union and EUSA EC member Mr Oleg Matytsin, EUSA representative and EUSA EC member Mr Leonz Eder and Counselor-minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation Mr Nikolay Plotnikov honored the men's winners. Sebastian Sobczak/Piotr Janiak from the University of Lodz claimed the top spot on the podium in the men’s competition.

Closing ceremony - Gaudeamus Igitur anthem

Mr Matytsin expressed his gratitude to the Kazan 2013 Executive Board, the Kazan City Hall and other ministries and departments that had been involved in the tournament management. Mr Eder congratulated all the delegations for their participation and their performances and made a special note of the volunteers' contribution to the Championship in his speech he made in Russian. At the end of the closing ceremony, the EUSA flag was handed to the students of the Malaga University, hosts of the next year Championship.


For results, photos and more information about the event, please see the official website of the event at http://s-kazan.ru/volleyball/.




1 Sebastian Sobczak / Piotr Janiak - University of Lodz, POL
2 Raffael Buehler / Andreas Catschegn - Technical Federal Institute Zürich ETH, SUI
3 Marco Foelmli / Florian Lier - University of Bern, SUI
4 Tomasz Sinczak / Sebastian Lisiecki - University of Lodz, POL
5 Karol Szczepanik / Mateusz Mrozowski - Krakow Akademу of Andrzej Frycz, POL
5 Vyacheslav Krasilnikov / Artem Kucherenko - Kuban State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, RUS
7 Leonid Gritsai / Artem Fedorov - Vladivostok State University of  Economics and Service, RUS
7 Manuel De Amo / Francisco Montoro - University of Malaga, ESP
9 Joao Goncalo Oliveira / Da Silva Forte - University of  Coimbra, POR
9 Dmitry Kashkin / Artem Panarin - Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute, RUS
9 Christian Eckenweber / Lukas Lampe - University of Mannhein, GER
9 Luis Fernando Pires / Pedro Joao Ribeiro - Technical University of Lisbon, POR
13 Ali Candan / Cevat Simsek - Gazi University, TUR

1 Victoria Rastykus / Dasha Yarzutkina - Moscow Institute of Business and Law, RUS
2 Friederike Malchow / Lisa Schroeder - University of Potsdam, GER
3 Paulina Gajewska / Magdalena Saad - Graduate School of Finance and Management in Bialystok, POL
4 Marta Kedzia / Edita Weclawek - Czestochowa University Of  Technology, POL
5 Anastasia Vorotnikova / Oksana Vakulenko - Kuban State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, RUS
5 Magdalena Slodownik / Marta Laskowska - University of Warsaw, POL
7 Eva Lopez / Evangelia Meptekh - University of Malaga, ESP
7 Ekaterina Spiryakova / Ksenia Bryk - Kuban State University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism, RUS
9 Manon Pepelnjak / Anais Fort - Grenoble University, FRA
10 Berit Naffin / Katharina Schulte - University of Flensburg, GER
11 Anja Franke / Jevgenija Livca - University of London, GBR
12 Maria Esteves / Francisca Esteves - University of Porto, POR
13 Rita Lourenco / Diana Da Costa - University of Coimbra, POR
14 Anastasia Ekhlakova / Anna Meltseva - Kazan State Finance and Economics Institute, RUS


Most sympathetic players
Andreas Catschegn - Technical Federal Institute Zürich ETH, SUI
Edita Weclawek - Czestochowa University Of Technology, POL

Most Valuable player
Sebastian Sobczak University of Lodz, POL
Dasha Yarzutkina - Moscow Institute of Business and Law, RUS