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Team Event Final Ranking:

1. Academy of Humanities and Economics Lodz (POL)
2. Loughborough University (GBR)
3. Kharkov Politechnical Institute (UKR)
3. University of Hamburg University (GER)
5. Bern University (SUI)
5. Saint-Petersburg University of Economy and Finance (RUS)
7. Duisburg-Essen University (GER)
8. WG München (GER)
9. Nizhny Novogrod State University (RUS)
9. Geneva University (SUI)
11. University of Science and Technology Krakow (POL)
11. Bath University (GBR)
13. Uludag University (TUR)
14. Caen University (FRA)
15. University School of Physical Education Wroclaw (POL)
15. Minho Univrsity (POR)
17. University of Cyprus (CYP)
17. University College Cork (IRL)


The Fair-Play Trophy which was donated by the Development Director of the World Badminton Federation Mr. Günther Huber was awarded to the University of Hamburg by the decision of the umpires and the Referee Monique Bastien (SUI). With the fantastic atmosphere the students used a chance to make new international contacts and also visit the beautiful old part of Geneva, the huge water fountain and experienced Geneva's rich history.


The Individual Event finals were played in a specially built arena in the Uni-Mail right in the heart of the university under the 20m long and 18m wide fanshirt of the swiss football team which was used as ceiling.


Results of the finals:


Tom Armstrong / Jenny Day (University of Loughborrough, GBR) - Lucasz Moren / Agnieszka Wojtkowska (Academy of Humanities and Economics Lodz, POL)
28-26 21-11


Ladies Singles
Olga Konon (Academy of Humanities and Economics Lodz) - Mariya Diptan (Kharkov Politechnical Institute (UKR) 21-13 21-15


Mens Singles
Przemyslaw Wacha (Academy of Humanities and Economics Lodz) - Dmitro Zavadskyy (Kharkov Politechnical Institute (UKR) 21-17 21-19


Womens Doubles
OlgaKonon / Agnieszka Wojtkowska (Academy of Humanities and Economics LodzL) - Malgorzata Kurdelska / Natalia Pocztowiak (University of Science and Technology Krakow (POL)
21-17 21-19


Mens Doubles
Oliver Roth / Peter Käsbauer (Saarbrücken University, GER) - Lukasz Moren / Michal Rogalski (Academy of Humanities and Economics Lodz)
21-10 19-21 21-11


At the end the EUSA Flag was passed to Mr. Christophe Milliard, the representative of the Organizing Committee EUC Badminton 2010 that will be held in Nancy (FRA).

More informations and results can be found on www.eubc2009.unige.ch