EUSA Student
Commission (STC)

The role of the Student Commission is to make sure the students’ interests are protected.

The Student Commission serves as a link between students and the European University Sports Association (EUSA). The Chair of the Student Commission attends the EUSA Executive Committee meetings and the Student Commission makes recommendations to the Executive Committee.



University Sport for Health, Friendship, and Lifelong Learning

Sport is a source of joy, health and well-being to all humans – we were made to move! Everyone, including students, has the right to improve their quality of life through physical activity. University sport is not just for elite athletes: it’s for everyone!

The European University Sport Association (EUSA) provides students with different skills the opportunity to compete on an international level. The European Universities Championships and Games are inspiring events where students from all over Europe meet, compete in the spirit of sportsmanship and find friends and experiences that last for a lifetime. The Student Commission gives students the opportunity not only to compete but also take responsibility as organizers and volunteers in sport events.

The Student Commission connects student volunteers and young leaders and creates possibilities for them to network and share best practices. Coaching, organizing, volunteering and competing in university sports are important means of developing as a person and acquiring skills that are needed later on in the working life. These experiences should be academically recognized, also for elite athletes, who often obtain a higher education diploma during their sports career.

As most students face a financially difficult situation in their lives, universities should encourage the students to find an inspiring hobby in sport by arranging decent facilities and sports services to students on all levels. A healthy student is a successful student. A healthy lifestyle carries through working life and benefits the whole society!

The Student Commission is EUSA’s channel to approach students in member countries. Our goal is to have more competitors, more volunteers and more active students in university sport all over Europe. The Student Commission aims to have the European Universities Championships a well-known and appreciated concept of sport events for students. The Student Commission wants students and professionals working in the university sport field to find our events a useful environment to learn, develop and network.

The Student Commissions’ principles include equity between genders and generations, open decision-making processes, fair play, zero tolerance in the use of doping and genuine spirit of sportsmanship.



The Student Commission is composed of nine students nominated by their National University Sport Associations and nominated for two years by the EUSA Executive Committee.

EUSA Student Commission

Current composition:

Student Commission


Edes, Anna [Chair] HUN  
Pisl, Andrej [Secretary] SLO  
Belmann, Moritz GER  
Calmettes, Chloe FRA  
Löhlein, Linus SUI  
Mitterlehner, Stefanie AUT  
Moran, Darragh IRL  
Nowacki, Tobiasz POL  
Osara, Kaisla FIN  
Plank, Nina SLO  
Vieira Pereira, Alexandre Xavier POR  



EUSA events such as European Universities Championships and European Universities Games are sporting events for students, balancing sport and university studies. The Student Commission enables non-athletes (Student Commission members, volunteers, etc.) to also participate in EUSA activities. Student Commission members are involved in many activities, which are presented below:

Volunteer Program

Sport plays a very significant role in today`s society. Many of us follow sports passionately, we experience the thrill of victory with our beloved teams or athletes, and we consider these elite sport leaders as important role models. But sport offers more. Sport offers volunteerism, friendship, a healthy lifestyle, social integration, and much more. With the Volunteer Program the Student Commission would like to promote this. The Student Commission aims at giving engaged students the opportunity of experiencing a unique adventure, learning about the values of sport, and gaining valuable work experience through volunteering in European Universities Championships and European Universities Games.

For further information on the Volunteer Program, please refer to the following link.

Photo Competition

The EUSA Photo Competition is open to everyone who took pictures at European University Championships respectively European University Games. By participating, students share their perspective of the Championships and may win a trip to the EUSA Gala where the award will be officially handed over to the winner.


Social Responsibility Program
EUSA, as a European Sports Association, already promotes a strong and good message across young people, mostly students, all across Europe. However, this social group is subject to a group of issues, widely and long ago identified, that should be addressed by EUSA in a Social Responsibility Plan. In 2011, the Student Commission therefore launched a Social Responsibility Program, which comprises the areas: Promoting healthy lifestyles through sport, foot habits, excessive alcohol consumption in academic environments and drug usage with a special focus on doping.

Student Commission Network

The Student Commission Network is a communication network among students and partner organizations. On the one hand the Student Commission builds a network among students from different EUSA member countries (National Student Organizations, National University Sport Associations, volunteers, etc.) to promote university sport activities, EUSA events, and Student Commissions` programs. On the other hand, the Student Commission builds a network among partner organizations (NGOs, the European Union, ENGSO, European Youth Forum, etc.) to create awareness on university sports and to gather information and knowledge from external organisations.


Getting involved

If you are a student, there are many ways of getting involved in the work of the Student Commission. You can either participate in one of our activities or you can stand for Student Commission member in the elections organized every second year. The mandate of a Student Commission member is two years, and four members change at a time. As a candidate, you have to be nominated by your National University Sports Association.

If you are working for a student organization (such as national student organizations, national university sport associations, student commissions, etc.) and looking forward to exchange ideas, seek common positions on European University Sports issues, or cooperate with the Student Commission, we would be happy if you liaise with us.

For any questions or comments, please contact: ...