EUSA meets ADH in Ljubljana

EUSA meets ADH in Ljubljana

On 6th of February, a delegation from the German University Sports Federation (ADH), visited EUSA headquarters in Ljubljana for one day working meeting.

The delegation on behalf of ADH was consisted of Mr Thorsten Hütsch, Competition department and ADH Sports Director, Ms Sophia Kunder, Education department, competition department, Event coordinator and Mr Joshua Feinstein, Board member, student, Head of department at Unisport Kaiserslautern. On behalf of EUSA, present were: Mr Matjaz Pecovnik EUSA Secretary General, Mr Miha Zvan EUSA Sports Manager, Ms Aleksandra Andreeva EUSA Sports Administrator and Ms Eszter Gulyas EUSA Sports Officer.

The meeting was kicked off with a set of presentations given from each organization, regarding the work of the department, as well as the main roles and obligations.

From the Sports Department of EUSA, the presentation continued with the focus on the European Universities Games 2024, the support system for the NUSAs, the registration status of the registered athletes from ADH, as well as presentation of how to make the future steps of the registrations simpler.

With great interest, the feedback on the European Universities Championship season of 2023 was given on behalf of both present parties, continuing to the future bidding process of the season of 2027: plans, procedures and ideas.  

The meeting was wrapped up with the fruitful dialogue about the future cooperation, in particular about expanding the future communication, promoting competition programmes at events, and different other EUSA registration procedures and operations.

By the end of the meeting, the delegation from ADH had the chance to also meet EUSA Treasurer Mr Francis Cirianni and Mr Massimo Zanotto, CUS Venezia President.

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