EUSA celebrates #LetsIDUS today

EUSA celebrates #LetsIDUS today

The 7th edition of the International Day of University Sport (IDUS) is being celebrated this fall across the globe, and especially honoured today, on September 20.

As every year since 2016, when the International Day of University Sport (IDUS) was proclaimed by the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO), this day aims to create links between universities and their local communities through sport, physical activity, and healthy living, taking the leading role. The #LetsIDUS initiative presents an opportunity to share knowledge on key issues relating to the development of sport, to improve awareness of the importance of sport in educational institutions and showcase the work of university sport bodies

The International Day of University Sport is celebrated across the world today on September 20, with the EUSA office joining in the celebration from Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

EUSA office team celebrating IDUS2022

This year the European University Sports Association (EUSA) celebrated the 2022 edition of IDUS by having EUSA Office team participating in an enjoyable hike to the Rožnik hill, that started in the morning together with the joint forces of the students and representatives from the Sports Association of the University of Ljubljana and the University of Ljubljana.

IDUS group hike 2022

On the way to reach the destination point, which was the top of Rožnik Hill, the participants had the chance to meet each other, share information about their work, goals, initiatives, projects and plans regarding the development of university sport.

Besides celebrating the International Day of University Sports, this activity was meant to serve as a networking and connection link between the students and the present organizations, to share key information, knowledge and open possibilities for the students, to join the programs and projects.

IDUS activities will continue and carry through the upcoming weeks, combining with the upcoming European Week of Sport which is celebrated every year from September 23-30. EUSA will be celebrating the upcoming European Week of Sport with a few sport activities, foreseen to be happening during the EUSA Convention in Kranjska Gora starting on Thursday, 22nd to 25th of September. On 23rd of September, we will make sure we also celebrate the day of Slovenian Sport.

EUSA office celebrating IDUS 2022

However, if you are looking for ways and ideas how to join the celebration of this year’s International Day of University Sport, FISU has released a challenge, which will inspire and empower and challenge individuals or groups from the larger public to participate in the annual celebration of this day.

FISU in partnership with the Technogym App, is running the FISU Challenge 2022, which gives the chance to win a fully equipped Home Gym Bench set or a Wellness Ball Active Sitting exercise ball. 

The competition runs between 20th September and 31st October, during which time the ‘moves’ will be calculated.

FISU IDUS Challenge 2022


For more information and details on how to register and be one of many that will compete and celebrate the International Day of University Sport, please see: 

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