EUSA at the LUPA Festival 2022

EUSA at the LUPA Festival 2022

European University Sports Association (EUSA) and the EUSA Institute took part in the 20th jubilee LUPA festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia on September 8, 2022. 

The aim of the event, coordinated by Slovenian Centre for information service, co-operation and development of NGOs (CNVOS), is to raise awareness of non-governmental organizations, promote their activities, highlight the topics they work in, increase cooperation among various groups, and strengthen cooperation between NGOs and open dialogue on local, national and international level.

LUPA Festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia

This year, besides the bad weather, around 100 organizations managed to present themselves and their work at the festival, which was held on Prešern Square in the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana. EUSA stand was prepared and managed by EUSA ESC volunteer, Ms Aleksandra Andreeva and EUSA Staff Members Mr. Andrej Pisl and Ms. Hristina Hristova. 

Mr Andrej Pisl and Ms Aleksandra Andreeva on EUSA stand at the LUPA festival

EUSA promoted the successful realization of the European Universities Games 2022 in Lodz, Poland, the upcoming International Day of University Sport - #LetsIDUS (September 20), the European Week of Sport - #BeActive 2022 (September 23-30), upcoming European Universities Championships 2023, the active and healthy way of living, international exchange opportunities and multiple active EU- funded projects, such as iSport, iFlipp, MLEA, VolFair, Uni4s, UniSport, W4S-S4S, K2-GenZ, YIAP, GSHE and more. Our representatives had an opportunity to challenge the visitors with an mini basketball game and with a memory game, through which the visitors had the chance to be awarded with different gadgets from EUSA. 

EUSA Stand at the LUPA festival 2022

Unfortunately the event had to be ended before the time planed, due to the bad weather conditions. However, representative from the NGO organizer of LUPA festival, thanked all the organizations that participated besides the bad weather conditions mentioning that for the twentieth time they have managed to connect hundred non-governmental organizations in order to show all this diversity to people and to give an opportunity for the organizations to get to know the work and experiences of other institutions, centres and examples of their good practices. This festival is proof that we can work together.


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