European Open University Powerlifting Cup 2024

European Open University Powerlifting Cup 2024

The European University Cup in classic powerlifting took place on 1-3 of March 2024 in Nancy, France.

This year 52 Universities participated in this Cup, bringing to the competitions 60 male and 37 female lifters in their teams.

The level of the EPF University Cup is increasing from year to year as well as the results of the athletes.

A lot of European University Cup records fell and the new were set manifesting the strength and prominence of the students conducting powerlifting.

A total of 11 University Cup Records were broken during the whole event!

The best lifters of the University Cup were determined according to the IPF GL formula, which indicates the relative athlete’s strength counted from the result shown on the platform and the personal athlete’s bodyweight.

Best female lifters were:

1st  place Van Daal Marie-Jose from Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands (104,974 IPF GL)

2nd place Lucas Lea from Universite Paris est Creteil, France (101,103 IPF GL)

3rd place Velemanova Valerie from Charles University, Czech Republic (93,470 IPF GL)

Best male lifters:

1st place Czaplicki Thomas BLAISE PASCAL, France (106,493 IPF GL)

2nd place Perez Barros Antonio Universidad Cardenal Espinola, Spain (104.338 IPF GL)

3rd place Iwunze Aloy Fontys University of Applied Sciences Eindhoven, Netherlands (98.532 IPF GL)

The team trophies of the EPF University Cup found their owners in the end of the competitions and travelled afterwards to the different European Universities.

Best female teams were:

1st place University of Ljubljana, Slovenia (28 points)

2nd place Blaise Pascal, France (21 points)

3rd place Charles University, Czech Republic (15 points)

Best male teams:

1st place Blaise Pascal, France (17 points)

2nd place Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands (15 points)

3rd place University of Tartu, Estonia (13 points)

For 3 days the European University Cup 2024 united students keen on powerlifting, who dedicate their lives to their development in both intellectual and physical ways. It was a successful event, which aim is not only conducting sport and setting records, but in deeper sense – to grow the generation of intelligent, open-minded, healthy, and strong people.

The event was held under the auspices of the European Powerlifting Federation (EPF) and the France Powerlifting Federation (FPF), under the patronage of the European University Sports Association (EUSA), as an open cup. For more details and complete set of results, please see the official page of the event and check out the photo gallery at the europowerlifting Facebook page.  

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