EUG2024 gets the spotlight in Miskolc

EUG2024 gets the spotlight in Miskolc

The European Universities Games 2024, to be jointly organized in the cities of Debrecen and Miskolc, next summer, were successfully presented through the month of May, taking part of different events connected to university and sports, held in the city of Miskolc. 

The promotional activities started with the first occasion which was the Carrier Festival at the University of Miskolc.

University of Miskolc organized the largest higher education job festival in the Northern Hungary Region on May 10, giving the opportunity to university students and other participants to learn more about the largest employers in the region, the jobs and internships offered by domestic and multinational companies, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Students could meet company representatives in person, apply directly for various jobs, and receive valuable tips for building a successful career.

At this festival, both European Universities Games 2024 and European Universities Championships in Badminton and Water Polo, were promoted. 

Miskolc team of the European Universities Games (EUG 2024), jointly organized in Miskolc and Debrecen in 2024, was presented at the event, having the volunteers and organizers offering two activities, air-badminton and table-tennis to the participants, which was attended by great interest. They also promoted the European Universities Badminton and Water Polo Championships to be held in Miskolc in July 2023, as well as the related volunteer program.

The European Universities Games 2024 were also promoted on the City Day of Miskolc, held every year on 11th of May, with a week long-series of events.

The team members promoted the indispensable voluntary activities involved in organizing the event and the Games itself, among young people and the general public. 

The city of Miskolc and the University of Miskolc, following the European Universities Basketball Championship in 2017, are once again prepared to welcome delegations from higher education institutions across our continent this summer for the Championships and next summer for the Games.

The story of the European Universities Games 2024 and European Universities Championships in Badminton and Water Polo was also part of Miskolc University Days (MEN), the largest student event in Northeast Hungary. The MEN has been organized in the University City since 1977, offering recreational opportunities for the youth, as well as musical shows, performances and other social activities.
The members of the Miskolc organizing team of the European Universities Games, were present and once again promoted the event, in the best sporting spirit. 

One of the goals of this activity was to promote the European Universities Games, happening next year and the two Championships, happening prior to it, this summer. Three activities were offered to those who were interested, including a selfie machine, air-badminton, and goal throwing.

One of the goals of the promotional booth was also to recruit volunteers, this time specifically among the students at the University of Miskolc.

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