EUG 2028 Technical Visit in Split

EUG 2028 Technical Visit in Split

EUSA Technical Commission visited Split, Croatia between February 27-28, 2024, since the Dalmatian city is one of the three Candidate Cities for hosting the 2028 EUSA European Universities Games - together with Granada, Spain and Manisa, Turkey.

The Commission, composed of EUSA Sports Manager Miha Zvan and EUSA Sports Officer Eszter Gulyas, was hosted by Split 2028 Bidding Committee represented by BC President and First Vice-President of Croatian Academic Sports Federation (CASF) Toni Gamulin, BC Vice-President and CASF Sports Director Jelena Matesic and BC Vice-President, CASF Secretary General Nikola Vincetic and representative of the University of Split.

During the two days, EUSA representative evaluated some first technical aspects of the candidature, starting on Tuesday 27 with a general presentation given by the Bidding Committee. The official presentation of the candidacy was followed by an overview of the key facilities, included in the plan for the EUG 2028, and a Q&A session culminated with a fruitful discussion.

EUSA delegation then visited some venues foreseen to host the Games, such as Tennis Centre Firule, Sports Centre Gripe and Football field Žrnovnica, as well as the locations for the Accommodation Campus and the proposed GTM venue.

On Wednesday 28, EUSA Technical Commission was accompanied by the BC and UniSport Split team to explore the solutions offered for the administrative infrastructure and the accreditation centre, along with the accommodation centre Spinut. The delegation then moved to specific site visits to all the remaining sports venues, like Climbing Centre Marulianus, Sports Hall Kraljice Jelene Solin, Sports Hall Ivica Glavan Sinj, Peruča rowing venue and many others.

EUSA Technical Commission visit will be soon followed by EUSA Evaluation Commission visit: both Commissions will then prepare the report for the 3 candidate cities to be presented at the next EUSA Executive Committee Meeting in Aveiro, Portugal where the assignation on the next European Universities Games organizer will be taken in April 2024.

Photos by UniSport ST

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