EUG 2028 Evaluation Visit in Manisa

EUG 2028 Evaluation Visit in Manisa

Manisa – one of the three Candidate Cities for the organisation of the 2028 European Universities Games hosted the EUSA Evaluation Commission composed of Mr Adam Roczek, President, Mr Matjaz Pecovnik, Secretary General and Mr Francis Cirianni, Treasurer.

The visit took place from March 18-20, 2024.

During their stay in Manisa, EUSA representatives were firstly welcomed by members of Turkish University Sports Federation (TUSF) - respectively the President, Mr. Mehmet Gunay, , Ms. Asli Ozdendir - responsible for International Relations, and Mr Koray Erdemir – Sponsorship and Marketing Committee Chairman.

The EUSA Evaluation Commission had met with Mr Enver Unlu - Governor of Manisa and Mr Yunus Öztürk - Manisa Youth and Sports Provincial Director, both confirming the great support and satisfaction to potentially welcome students from all over Europe in their city for the European Universities Games 2028.

After the meeting, the visit continued with inspection visit to some of the sports facilities: GSIM Ataturk Olympic Open Swimming pool; Manisa Youth and Sport – Muradiye Sport Hall; and the 19 Mayis Stadium. 

Besides the sports facilities, EUSA Evaluation Commission also visited the accommodation sites to be offered during the event.

In the afternoon, the EUSA representatives had the opportunity to also meet the Mayor of Manisa – Mr Cengiz Ergün, guaranteeing the support of the City of Manisa, expressing strong support for hosting such an important sport event, giving the opportunity to many young student-athletes to meet and enjoy the culture, the infrastructure and all the benefits the city can offer.

Afterwards the EUSA representatives visited the premises of Manisa Celal Bayar University, where they were welcomed by the Rector - Prof. Dr. Rana Kibar. At this meeting, the strong support of the bid on behalf of the university, which is also the EUSA Associated Member, as well as the importance and legacy of hosting of the Games for the university, the region, and the student population in the city of Manisa, was strongly emphasised.

The Evaluation Visit to Manisa for the European Universities Games 2028 concluded with discussing general matters, strategies, and operational management, where once again the strong support from the Turkish University Sports Federation (TUSF), the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Province and the City of Manisa and the Manisa Celal Bayar University was stressed.

The EUSA Evaluation Commission will hold the last Evaluation visit for the European Universities Games 2028 in Granada, Spain.

The EUSA Executive Committee will on its Executive Committee Meeting in Aveiro, Portugal in April 2024 decide, which of the three Candidate Cities (Split, Manisa and Granada) will host the 2028 European Universities Games.

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