EUG 2022: The last champions of EUG 2022

EUG 2022: The last champions of EUG 2022

And with this final day, European Universities Games 2022 in Lodz have come to an end. It has been 15 eventful days full of sports, competition, fair play, team spirit and individual efforts to show what the athletes have been training for.

The audience in Zatoka has watched athletes compete in badminton finals. University of Nottingham (GBR) and University of Strasbourg (FRA) went head to head in men's doubles, with the athletes from University of Strasbourg (FRA) ending being better at swinging their rackets this time.
Also women have competed in doubles and in the final we saw Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding (UKR) against University of Nottingham (GBR). University of Nottingham (GBR)  has scored more points and earned best women doubles title in EUG 2022. Also one final in mixed doubles took place. A “local” set of opponents Technological University of Dublin (IRL) and University of Nottingham (GBR) have played for the title of the best badminton mixed doubles. 

Badminton last finals at EUG22

Zgierz was today’s home for karate competitions that led up to the finals. Fighting both in Kata and Kumite, athletes were chasing the win, with fair play and strong will. The hard work, concentration, strategy and competitive spirit have brought the medals to the ones that gave their best. For the rest, nothing is lost, there are the next games, next championships that are the next chance to win a place on the podium. 

We could also spectate another combat sport, taekwondo and the finals of the competition of Kyorugi. Men's and women’s tournaments in all categories have taken place at Skorupki. The audience was cheering on top of their lungs today, supporting their favorites on their path to win the medals. 

last day of competition of taekwondo

On the basketball field the men's teams Beykent University (TUR) and Vytautas Magnus University (LTU) confronted each other in the final games. Beykent University (TUR) won the title of champion of basketball at European Universities Games 2022 in Lodz, Poland. At the women's competitions in basketball this title belong to University of Pitesti (ROU). 

We also waited until the last day to see who would end up on the podium in the handball competitions. The grand final for men was the match between University of Granada (ESP) and Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava (ROU) was the last match of these European Universities Games. Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava (ROU) won the gold medal. The Bronze medals were awarded to University of Minho (POR).

At the women's finals the matches were anticipating and the competitiveness was on such a high level. Fighting for the bronze medal were University of Bordeaux (FRA) and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NOR). The bronze ended up on the necks of University of Bordeaux (FRA). 

For the 1st and 2nd place on the podium, Lviv State University of Physical Culture (UKR) and University of Zagreb (CRO) played an amazing match, which resulted with Lviv State University of Physical Culture (UKR) winning the gold medal. 

The competition was also high in sport climbing for both women and men in the speed category. First we attended elimination rounds which led to the finals. The first place in men's speed category belonged to Leo - Paul Larzul from University of Lille (FRA) and in women's speed category to Aleksandra Kalucka University of Applied Sciences in Tarnow. All the athletes managed to celebrate together and make this end of the competition even better. 

final day of sport climbing

It was a full day today. Excitement, emotion, efforts, competition and sweat. But it was also a day for celebrating.  The last day has seen karate, taekwondo, badminton, basketball, handball and sports climbing final competitions. The winners have been awarded the medals they earned with sweat and tears and we have taken part in the Closing ceremony to close off the games and thank all the participants, teams, officials, organizers, volunteers and staff who have given their all to the games. Thank you all for being part of this amazing experience that was EUG 2022 in Lodz.


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