EUG 2022: Educational side of volunteering

EUG 2022: Educational side of volunteering

At the European Universities Games 2022, interactive workshops are part of the schedule. Two different workshops were organized in the past two days, having the main target group, the volunteers. One was organised by ENGSO, focused on development of personal skills and the other was the second part of the ECO workshop.

Braving the morning heat, on 20 of July, 15 volunteers showed up starting the workshop with an energizer. The workshop organized by ENGSO was to train them how to better themselves and to deliver their tasks professionally to the guests and athletes. Subsequently, they role played different departments at the EUG 2022 with four teams, each with a team leader. They were tasked to vote on different decision with X and Y options, each combination carrying difference scores, with interactions, situations, and time pressures along the way. These activities pulled the volunteers to quickly evaluate and get the insight that there is a special effort put to listen to others, to themselves and to what is communicated.

ENGSO workshop 2022

The two dynamic facilitators Mr Christian Saleh Hajj and Ms Isaiah Kioiloglou, helped the volunteers with the thinking process with a Skill Check questionnaire, that they filled up at the start and referred to few times during the workshop.
In the end all teams got positive scores and the scores were followed by an amazing debrief, conducted by Ms Isaiah Kioiloglou, where she explained three different categories of skills: emerging, consolidating on one side and examples of these skills on the other side: positive attitude, communication skills, adaptability skills, time and energy, work ethic, problem solving skills, teamwork and leadership skills.

The workshop was wrapped up with the conclusion that the chance of being part of EUG 2022 is one in time and the same experience is never going to happen again. There are going to be new ones, new Games, different ones, and volunteers are going to keep learning how to communicate and be better at every role they take. 

One other workshop to which volunteers participated was the second half of the ECO workshop, where volunteers had new activities connected to recycling, environmental issues and keeping the awareness of nature and taking care of it. They got the chance to do some arts and crafts activities related to the topic and used the time to share their experience on European Universities Games 2002 and have fun. 

ECO workshop EUG2022

Volunteers are not just attending workshops and doing the work and obligations of their roles, during the games. They enjoy their time, hang out at the volunteer center, play board games and enjoy eachothers company. 


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