EUSA-IDO European Universities Dance Championships


Partnership between the European University Sports Association (EUSA) and the International Dance Organisation (IDO) introduced the EUSA-IDO / IDO-EUSA European Universities Championship in 2015.

EUSA and IDO plan to host two events also this year, held in conjunction to the IDO World & European Championships:

Hip Hop

Between October 19-23, the European Universities Hip Hop Championship, accompanying the IDO World Hip Hop - Solo (male and female), to be held in Graz, Austria. Deadline: 12.10.2016

Between December 6-10, the European Universities Jazz and Modern Dance, accompanying the IDO European Ballet, Jazz and Modern Dance - Solo (male and female), to be held in Mikolajki, Poland. Deadline: 28.11.2016

EUSA-IDO Championships 2016

All enrolments must be done by the national organizations or by the students themselves through a special enrolment system that is on the new IDO Sport sub-website

All competitions are held in accordance with the IDO Rules and Regulations and are adjudicated by the IDO licensed Adjudicators. For more information and to register, please visit