IDO-EUSA European Universities Championships 2015


IDO-EUSA European Universities Championships are being introduced this year as a result of the partnership between the European University Sports Association (EUSA) and the International Dance Organisation (IDO). The IDO-EUSA European Universities Championships will be held in connection with the official IDO World Championships. The IDO-EUSA European Universities Championships represent a separate competition held only in the adult/solo female, solo male and duo.
The IDO-EUSA European Universities Championships are published in the EUSA and IDO official schedule of the events.
Dance Championships
1. Dates and places:
IDO-EUSA European Universities Hip-Hop Championship 2015
Rimini, ITA: 20.10.-23.10.2015, deadline for enrolments: 14.10.2015

IDO-EUSA European Universities Tap Dance Universities Championship 2015
postponed (foreseen to take place in Riesa, GER: 03.12.-05.12.2015)

IDO-EUSA European Universities Jazz & Modern Dance Championship 2015
postponed (foreseen to take place in Mikolajki, POL: 08.12.-12.12.2015)

2. Enrolment for dancers that will take part in IDO championships and IDO-EUSA championships and are members of IDO NMO (national registration or direct members):
IDO dancers need to be enrolled by their NMO through DIES for the IDO World Championship following the EpN published on the IDO Website, according to the standard IDO procedure for IDO Championships.
The same dancer or another dancers enrolled in higher education institutes in Europe and are not on the list for the IDO Championships can additionally take part in IDO-EUSA European Universities Championships.
The student dancers themselves register for the event at by selecting the IDO-EUSA link above.
When opened they will see “log in and password”, where they need to just fill “NEW USER REQUEST” and then they will get all information to log in.
A new window opens where they go to Dancer/Student “Add new dancer/student” fill in the form that needs to be submitted first and then printed out, signed and stamped by the University and brought to the competition to be handed to the EUSA delegate. They will also need an IDO ID (DIES number) that will be forwarded to them.
The IDO-EUSA competitors can form duos in the same form. In case of any problems when enrolling please contact
The final step is to go to “COMPETITION”, check the list of competitions (just information) and then under “COMPETITION-ANNOUNCEMENT” they choose where they will compete and submit that. They will receive an automatic reply if they are on the starting list or on the waiting list in case the number of enrolments has already been achieved as there are limits per competition.
No extra charges as the ones stated in the IDO Dance sport rules and regulations will apply.

3. Enrolment for dancers that will take part at the IDO-EUSA Championships and are not members of IDO NMO:
Student dancers not members of IDO have the same procedure as explained above except that they do not have an IDO ID number. The form needs to be printed out and brought to the competition to be handed to the EUSA delegate.
Each dancer has to cover IDO Registration fee of 20 EUR, event starting fee of 20 EUR and additional 80 EUR if participant is not a member of IDO structure (local, regional and international).

4. Running of the competition
First competition round is done on the first day of the IDO qualifying rounds of the same category but in different hours.
Then the best 6 student/dancer dance a separate IDO-EUSA European Universities Championship final that takes part on the same day as the IDO final, but at a different time.
In this way no extra cost will be added for the IDO registered dancer.

At the prize giving ceremony the moderator announces only the first 3 places by category (solo male, solo female and duo) then they announce the University that has received the most points in all 3 disciplines that receives a trophy and all is concluded by playing the Gaudeamus Igitur students anthem.