Become part of EUSA Associated Members in 2024

Become part of EUSA Associated Members in 2024

The opportunity for universities to become EUSA Associated Members continues in 2024!

As the time passes, the interest from the universities to become EUSA Associated Members is getting bigger and bigger.

Having said that, until today, the status of EUSA associated members has been granted to 98 universities from 19 countries.

The good news is that the chance to become associated member to EUSA is still ongoing and available. If you are a university interested in becoming part of EUSA Family and be granted with this title, take the opportunity, and apply to be one in 2024.

As we have already announced and promoted on our media channels, the European University Sports Association (EUSA) besides having the national university sports bodies as its members, also offers possibilities of universities and other organisations to join as Associated Members.

To join as an associated member there are no fees, but there are several benefits and advantages.

The Universities, which are granted the Status of the EUSA Associated Member may enjoy the following benefits:
a. Become a member of EUSA Universities Club
b. Participate at EUSA Events under a lower Entry Fee (as determined by the EUSA Executive
Committee) for their students and teams
c. Priority in selection of the organisers of EUSA Sport and Educational Events
d. Use the Logotype of EUSA Associated Member for their internal promotion.

You can already follow the presentation of the universities, that have been granted the status of an Associated Members. on our social media channels, as well as on our website.
For more information, on the application process, news and the list of universities, please see 

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