What's up: Experiencing EUSA Tennis events

What's up: Experiencing EUSA Tennis events

From the 21-27th of July the beautiful capital of Montenegro, Podgorica, hosted the European Universities Tennis Championship. We got the chance to do an interview with Alena Weiss from Austria who participated in the Women’s Team Tournament for the University of Innsbruck.

Alena, what did you enjoy most about the EUSA European Universities Tennis Championship?
I think the best part about every EUSA Championship or EUSA Game is that you get to see so many familiar faces, but at the same time you get to know a lot of new and awesome people from all over Europe. Also, I really appreciate the fact that the EUSA Tennis Championship is held as a Team Tournament, which we usually don’t have in our sport.

Anna at the Podgorica 2019 EUSA Championship

Can you describe what you felt during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies?
Every time I take part in these kind of ceremonies I feel very honoured that I get to represent my University and country in such awesome competitions and I very much enjoy the atmosphere during the celebrations. Also this year there were a lot of astonishing performances, like musical acts or Zumba performances.

Did you also get the chance to meet or talk to some volunteers?
Yes, of course! All of the volunteers I met were so nice and very friendly. They were always willing to help with any issue or needs we had during the Championships - regarding our accommodation, the tennis court or the transportation. I really liked their mentality - the volunteers from Montenegro talked so proudly of their country and explained a lot about the country’s history. At this point a shout-out to all of the volunteers that helped making the EUSA-Championship such an unforgettable and unique experience - thanks for your work!

Would you recommend anybody to participate in the EUSA sport event?
Absolutely - whether as an athlete or volunteer. For both sides it’s such an amazing experience, because you make a lot of good memories meeting people from all over Europe that have the same interests as you, combining sports and studies. Of course I would suggest the Tennis Championship, it’s simply the best ;)

University of Innsbruck tennis team at the Coimbra 2018 EUSA Games

Apart from the competitions, what can you tell us about the city of Podgorica?
Even though there weren’t that many people around, probably because everybody was staying at the sea, I truly liked the city! Our team wanted to see as much as possible of Podgorica, so we decided to eat out a couple of times and discovered the coolest cafés and rooftop bars with the best views over the town. But I would say my personal highlight was definitely when we spent our day off relaxing at the beautiful beach nearby.

Thank you very much for the interview, Alena. Would you like to add anything?
Thank you very much to everyone involved at the EUSA-Tennis Championship in Podgorica! We really enjoyed our stay here and like I already said - had such a great time :) See you soon!

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