Special recognition given at the EUSA dinner and awards ceremony

Special recognition given at the EUSA dinner and awards ceremony

The occasion of the EUSA Executive Committee Meeting in Ljubljana, was also an opportunity to express sincere gratitude of the European University Sports Association to several other institutions and individuals, who have made a significant contribution to the success of the organisation.

Since its establishment in Vienna in 1999, EUSA has made remarkable progress, and is today a well-recognized and respected umbrella university sport organisation in Europe. During the EUSA Conference and General Assembly held in Aveiro in September, a special 20th Anniversary Gala was held, where the best NUSA and Universities of the last decade were awarded.

EUSA dinner with awards ceremony

On the evening of November 29, EUSA organised a special dinner with awards ceremony, presenting special appreciation awards to local institutions and individuals who significantly contributed to the development and growth of the organisation, as well as awarding an Order of Merit.

Otmar Kugovnik

The first award was presented to Mr Otmar Kugovnik, former President of the Slovenian University Sports Association (SUSA) former EUSA Executive Committee member, for immense understanding and support in development of EUSA.

Slovenian University Sports Association (SUSA)

SUSA was also one of the engines in the organization of the EUSA events in the early years, as there was almost every year at a European Universities Championship organized in Slovenia. The award was presented to the Slovenian University Sports Association, received by the current President Mr Igor Luksic.

University of Ljubljana

With the start of the EUSA Championships, the University of Ljubljana made a strong impact at EUSA events, and it was no surprise that it was awarded as the best University for the decade 1999-2009. University of Ljubljana also offered - free of charge - working premises for EUSA, firstly at the Faculty of Sports and afterwards at the University Rectorate in Ljubljana. The award was presented to the University of Ljubljana, received by the Rector Mr Igor Papic.

City of Ljubljana

With the support of the City, many of EUSA events were and still are held in Ljubljana, from the Executive Committee meetings and General Assemblies to Conventions and Seminars, while two Championships were also hosted by the Slovenian capital; the last being EUC Badminton in 2017. The award was presented to the City of Ljubljana, received by the Vice-Mayor Mr Dejan Crnek.

Olympic Committee of Slovenia (OKS)

On the field of educational activities, EUSA and its Institute found a valuable partner in the national Olympic Committee. Several partnership projects are being carried out in cooperation with them and EUSA also works closely with the Slovenian Olympic Academy. The award was presented to the Slovenian Olympic Committee, received by the Secretary General Mr Blaz Perko.

Thomas Loher

The growth of EUSA meant more events, more responsibilities, more contracts… and a lot of work for our Legal Advisor, Mr Thomas Loher, who has been since 2008 offering consulting free of charge, and has recently – due to his promotion to the position of Managing Partner in a Law Firm – resigned from his position. As a long-term commitment and for his pro-bono work, Mr Thomas Loher received the special appreciation award.

Miroslav Cerar

EUSA was learning and seeking advice from more experienced persons and organisations. One of the great mentors was Mr Miroslav Cerar, Olympian, President of the Slovenian Olympic Academy and Vice President of European Fair Play Movement. For his support to our organisation, EUSA has already granted an Order of Merit to Mr Cerar in 2016, and at this occasion EUSA honoured Mr Cerar for his 80th Birthday, presenting him with a EUSA Gift.

Yves Le Lostecque

EUSA Executive Committee awarded this year’s Orders of Merit to recipients who, through their involvement and commitment, gave significant contribution to the development and promotion of university sport in Europe. We are extremely proud and grateful that key sports stakeholders in Europe recognised the importance of university sport and EUSA activities. On the political level, the directions coordinated by the European Commission, also supporting opportunities for activities for grassroot sport, is key for the development of sport in Europe. The cooperation on institutional level was enabled very much on the personal engagement and support from an individual in this institution, and EUSA took this opportunity to honour and thank him at this occasion. Mr. Yves Le Lostecque, Head of the European Commission’s Sport Unit was awarded by the prestigious Order of Merit.

Music entertainment

The evening was moderated by EUSA Communications Officer Mr Fabio De Dominicis, laudation was made by Secretary General Mr Matjaz Pecovnik, awards were presented by the EUSA President Mr Adam Roczek and string quartet Emona provided music delights to the guests.

Participants of the special EUSA dinner

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