Rugby 7s: Is it coming home?

Rugby 7s: Is it coming home?

Couple of days ago we presented the story of the youngest team sport included in EUSA competition (see the link) and today we will write about the second youngest sport that celebrated 10th anniversary last year in Italy.

It was decided that Rugby 7s will be (so far) the only type played on EUSA competitions and it is played by rugby union rules, official also for all Rugby World and Rugby Europe events.

On September 27 in Grenoble, France first rugby 7s European Universities Championship was opened and it will be writen that University of Wales Institute Cardiff won first ever gold medal in University sport history. Unfortunately, that year we had only men competition. Year after ladies made their debut in the capital of Italy – Rome. Women teams from University of Northumbria (GBR) and University of Lille (FRA) were the only two teams participating and after 3 games ladies from Northumbria won the gold medal.

From then on every year men and women teams fight to become the best in Europe. And every year quality of the competition is even greater and teams come more prepared.

But, last 5 years you could say that results are predictable because we have same teams winning gold medals in both men and women competition. In mens competition, Georgian National University is dominating the competition because since their first appearance in 2013 untill last years competition in Italy, they won 3 gold medals at European Universities Championships and 2 gold medals at European Universities Games and they are coming to Coimbra to win sixth consecutive gold medal at EUSA competition.

In women competition there is similar situation. Although we dont have University dominant as Georgian National University, but for the last six years we can predict that it will be a University from France. Four different universities won gold medals since 2012 and University of Rennes 2 will defend the honor of France in Coimbra this year. But, portuguese fans hope that the gold medal will come back home, because women rugby 7s team from University of Coimbra won gold in 2011 and two silver medals in 2012 and 2013.

We will have a lot of excitement and cannot wait for the EUG to start!