VolFair and Uni4S project meetings in Lodz

On July 24th and 25th, the EUSA Institute participated in two different projects meetings hosted by the University Sports Association of Poland, in Lodz, Poland.


EUG 2022: Double victory for University of Zagreb

We are at the 10th day of competition today. The 10th day is the kick-off day of badminton and handball, the day of finals for beach handball, the day for round 2 of judo and basketball and quarter finals for football.


EUG 2022: day of judo, basketball and beach handball

Two more sports became part of the daily schedule today, basketball and judo, while beach handball already came to the semi-finals and main rounds.


EUG 2022: Sambodrom and Erasmus+ Run

This weekend was busy, not only with sports but also with fun, exciting and competitive side events, such as Sambodrom and Erasmus+ run. Both events happened on the most famous and long street in Lodz, Piotrkowska Street.


EUG 2022: A Kick Off on sand and a Final indoor

The 8th day of competition ended once more with celebrations, as the final of futsal men took place in the evening. It was also the day of two GTMs for basketball and judo.


FISU America celebrates 15th anniversary

The story of the American continental university sports body FISU America goes back to 2007, when the organizations from North America - Central America and Caribbean University Sports Organization (ODUCC) and South America - South American Confederation of University Sports (COSUD) unified under the name of Pan-American University Sports Organization (ODUPA), changing its name to FISU America in 2015.


EUG 2022: Goals, scores, winners

The 7th day of competitions was no different from other days when it comes to fun, reaching for the top and a lot of scores and goals.  It was the day of two more finals, futsal women and volleyball, GTM of beach handball, semi-finals of futsal men and round two of football. 

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