Handball: It used to be obvious

We are counting few more days before the days of the European Universities Games in Coimbra and you have to feel the athmosphere around you. You will come and hope that on your trip back your luggage will be richer by one of the medals. Two handball teams were used to it.


Futsal: Champion of Europe is (again) aiming for EUG gold

It is not rare that top athletes and players who represent their national teams play also at European Universities Games and Championships, but they have to fight for the gold. Futsal is one of the fastest growing sports in Europe and University sport is very important part. In most parts of Europe, University sport serves as a recruitment center for new players, and the first major competition they encounter.


Badminton: Preparing future Olympians

Two days ago we were mentioning sports who are celebrating their anniversary as a part of EUSA family of sports and badminton is along tennis and futsal that for 15th year in a row gather students and promote university sport as well as gender equality.


Para sports: Because sport IS for all

This years European Universities Games in Coimbra, as you already know, will host 13 different sports one of which is going to be also for students with dissabilities. After EUG in Zagreb and Rijeka we are happy to have para table tennis players.


Tennis: 15th year of pure excitement

Some sports are older, some are younge and some celebrate their EUSA anniversary this year in Coimbra. Tennis is in a group of sports that are in the last group because at EUG Coimbra 2018 tennis is celebrating 15 years as a part of EUSA family of sports.


Rugby 7s: Is it coming home?

Couple of days ago we presented the story of the youngest team sport included in EUSA competition (see the link) and today we will write about the second youngest sport that celebrated 10th anniversary last year in Italy.


Volleyball: Ground zero of European University sport

Number of sports included in European Universities Championships and European Universities Games every year grows larger and in 2019 we will have record number of 23 sports. But, volleyball has a very special place in history of University sport because very first European Universities Championship organized by EUSA.

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