Rectors Conference officially opened

Besides sport events European Universities Games will be the home also for educational events where we will discuss about the development of University Sports. The most important event, the Rectors Conference, started on Saturday at the University of Coimbra. Title of this years conference is “Organization and Management Model of University Sport”.



Football: Moving the boundaries of fair-play

Football as a sport has a lot of attention and whatever happens there draws more attention than any other sport. So far we noticed how major competition shape the world around us. European Universities sport made its way to the history of the sport, because one of the first green cards was shown at EUSA event.


First General Technical Meetings warm up atmosphere for the EUG2018

First competitions at the European Universities Games in Coimbra are only a day away and General Technical Meetings for Badminton, Table Tennis, Handball and Volleyball were held in the university stadium complex in Coimbra on July 13. All athletes were introduced with the rules and regulations, as well as all the necessary information, and the official draws were made.


The athletes are coming!

Exactly 717 days went from the closing ceremony of European Universities Games in Zagreb and Rijeka and today, when we saw first athletes arriving to Coimbra for the fourth edition of European Universities Games in Coimbra, Portugal.


Rowing: Athletes have the influence to change

All the athletes that come to EUSA competition, and those who compete in university sport around the continent, are already winners. They are changing the world around them proving that you can combine top level sports with academic education. But, their impact can be even bigger and they can serve to much bigger cause.


EUSA staff getting ready for the EUG2018 with a #beactive day

The beginning of the European Universities Games in Coimbra is just days away and the extended office of the European University Sports Association (EUSA) on Tuesday organized the introductory meeting and a #BeActive day to prepare for the forthcoming event.


Basketball: Gold in mens competition is already reserved?

Basketball is the king of University sport. Since the year one of European University sport, basketball is present and every year brings us excitement and a lot of good players. If we made best student team it could easily compete in competition as strong as FIBA basketball championship. But, in mens competition it seems that the gold is already taken.

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