New Board Members elected at ASA Israel General Assembly

New Board Members elected at ASA Israel General Assembly

The Academic Sports Association of Israel (ASA Israel) held their General Assembly on Sunday, November 24, as new management for the next four-year period was elected.

Mr Victor Hadad was re-elected as the association’s president, which will see him lead the organisation until 2023.

Discussions among the new Executive Committee members were then held, with targets for the next four years set in place, which include increasing the number of students in competitive and public sports, increasing the number of female students in all ASA activities and encouraging students to participate in EUSA and FISU competitions.

ASA participation in 2019 EUSA Championships

Mr Hadad was able to reflect on the previous four years of ASA with great satisfaction, and is looking forward to his new team’s tenure ahead.

"We have concluded four years of activity, where we tried to increase the number of students who do sports and are active in ASA,” he said. “To our delight we were able to increase the quantity and were able to increase the amount of female students.

“We also succeeded in increasing the number of students participating in the FISU and EUSA Championships, and this year many students came out and represented ASA and Israel in EUSA and FISU events.

“In the last four years, the Eilat Games have become even more international and we hope to continue to increase the number of students participating.

"Thank you to all my friends and I hope that we continue to work for student sports in Israel."

ASA President Mr Victor Hadad

ASA Board 2019-2023:

President: Victor Hadad (Ben Gurion University)
Vice-President: Michael Rab (University of Haifa)
Vice-President for Sport and Students: Avraham Buchbut (National Union of Israeli Students)
Executive Committee members represent the following universities and colleges: Ben Gurion University, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Technion of Haifa, The Open University, Tel Aviv University, Haifa University, Wingate Academic College, IDC (Interdisciplinary Center) Herzliya and Ruppin Academic Center.

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