Meeting with University Sport Federation of Serbia and the University of Belgrade

Meeting with University Sport Federation of Serbia and the University of Belgrade

On October 6 and 7, upon visiting the venues and discussing the preparations for the next years’ European Universities Games, the EUSA delegation also met with the representatives of its member, the University Sport Federation of Serbia, and the University of Belgrade, partners of the Games.

European University Sports Association (EUSA) was represented by its Secretary General Mr Matjaz Pecovnik and Executive Committee member Mr Milan Zvan, accompanied by Education & Development Manager Ms Sara Rozman and Communications & Projects Manager Mr Andrej Pisl.

Meeting with USSS and EUG2021

The delegation first met with representatives of the University Sport Federation of Serbia (USSS), discussing the current situation, activities and plans in general, as well as with special focus on the EUG2021 and Covid-19. USSS was represented by its Sports Director Mr Milos Obradovic and Mr Aleksandar Vicentijevic, Sports Director of the Sports Association of the University of Belgrade. Present at the meeting was also Mr Dragan Atanasov representing the organisers of the European Universities Games 2021 (EUG2021).

On the second day, the Rector of the University of Belgrade Ms Ivanka Popovic welcomed the EUSA-USSS-EUG2021 delegation. She expressed full institutional, as well as personal support of the upcoming European Universities Games and recognised the need of further development of university sport. Emphasis of the meeting, hosted at the Rectorate of the University, was on the Rectors’ Conference, which will be held just prior to the start of the Games, on July 13 and 14, 2021.

Meeting at the University of Belgrade, hosted by the Rector MS Popovic

The participants also discussed the importance of the legacy after the event. Apart of the renovation of the student dorms and city sports facilities, educational and sports organisations in Belgrade and Serbia will also benefit in getting the equipment used at the EUG2021. As the Serbian capital attracts a large number of students, and based on the needs and desires of the students as well as institutions, there is a strong wish to have a dedicated university sports center in Belgrade, indicated also as a legacy of the university sport events, the Universiade in 2009 and the European Universities Games in 2021 being just the largest ones.