Kick-off for project PROGRES

Kick-off for project PROGRES

Partners of the Erasmus+-funded project PROGRES, including the EUSA Institute, assembled online for a kick-off meeting on Thursday, February 18, as the two year-project officially got underway.

The PROmoting GendeR Equality in Sports (PROGRES) project aims to promote gender equality, encourage social inclusion and equal opportunities in the sports sector and specifically in football, by promoting gender mainstreaming within football federations and associations.

Over the course of the project duration, partners will look to analyse the gender gap within European football federations and associations; collect good practices of gender mainstreaming in sports organisations, develop tools for the improvement of gender mainstreaming in the governance of football federations and associations and create awareness-raising campaigns about gender mainstreaming, targeting sports stakeholders in particular.

PROGRES kick-off meeting

The project will be led by the Malta Football Association, with the support of partners Centrul FILIA (ROM), TREK (GRE), University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (ITA), Norwegian Football Federation (NOR), Football Federation of Macedonia Skopje (MKD) and the EUSA Institute (SLO).

All project partners were present for Thursday’s meeting, and after a short introduction, an overview of the project was presented. The roles and tasks of the partners were then discussed, with time allocated for questions.

PROGRES Project action plan

Forthcoming steps and actions were finalised, with each partner aware of their roles and responsibilities over the coming months.

Partners hope to meet in person, should the situation allow, at the project’s next meeting, set to take place in Norway in mid-2021.

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