Keep up to date with European Universities Championships

Keep up to date with European Universities Championships

The 2019 EUSA European Universities Championships are officially underway, with the Badminton and Golf Championships currently taking place in Lodz, Poland and Antequera, Spain respectively.

Both Badminton and Golf began on Sunday, kicking off the first two of 21 sports on this year’s programme, organised at 16 separate events in 14 host cities across 9 different countries.

Keeping track of all the various EUSA Championships across Europe may seem daunting, yet there is no need to worry, with our live results management page as well as live streams from the various sports keeping you up to date as the action happens.

Results management page

For daily results for each championship, EUSA’s results management page helps interested viewers easily navigate their way to the sport of their choice. Visit to view the sporting results you wish to see.

Most sports across EUSA’s summer programme are being live-streamed from the events, with official YouTube and/or Facebook channels providing live feed from each event which viewers are able to watch from wherever they are. Visit for an overview of the current live-stream options from the European Universities Championships 2019.

You can also keep an eye out for posts on our various social media platforms, which have regular updates and information about each event.

EUC badminton 2019

Last, but not least, if you are in the neighbourhood where our events are taking place, come and watch them live!

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For an overview of where all our championships are taking place, visit