FISU marks one year of Healthy Campus programme

FISU marks one year of Healthy Campus programme

May 12 marks one year since the launch of FISU’s Healthy Campus initiative, with the programme continuing to spread the message of healthy living at universities across the world.

Despite the effects caused by the global pandemic last year, FISU continued with their goals of promoting health and wellbeing to university campuses by launching the FISU Healthy Campus programme on May 12, 2020. The programme was developed by studying best practices and benchmarking physical activity levels worldwide, leading to the creation of seven domains that are tailor-made to encourage health and wellbeing for campus life. These include physical activity and sport, nutrition, disease prevention, mental and social health, risk behaviour, environment, sustainability and social responsibility and healthy campus management.

One year on, more than 70 universities from 29 countries are on track to become FISU Healthy Campus certified, with even more universities expected to take part as students and staff make their return with the re-opening of campuses across the world.

FISU Secretary General-CEO Mr Eric Saintrond shared his excitement at the success of the programme just one year after its launch.

“The positive feedback we receive from the universities has been even higher than what we could have wished for, and this does reflect the great benefits of this programme – namely working towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in an organised manner and in a variety of different fields,” said Mr Saintrond. “This has also developed better cohesion and coordination among all departments and services within universities as well.

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“The registered universities, as of today 72 of them, are very enthusiastic. However, more than 200 meetings have already been held with others that will join the programme. The expectation of growth is high, and universities always take some time to register after being aware of the programme, but we will soon see the impact of the work that has been done.”

To mark the one-year anniversary of the programme, FISU Healthy Campus will publish the best practices of certified universities on its platform, allowing other interested institutions can learn and benefit from the experiences from several  campuses across the world.

For more information about the programme, registration and best practices, please visit the FISU Healthy Campus page. University representatives interested in joining the initiative can contact