EUSA meets with Badminton Europe in France

EUSA meets with Badminton Europe in France

EUSA travelled to Lievin, France for a productive two-day meeting with Badminton Europe from February 11-13, where a number of different topics were discussed at length.

Present on behalf of Badminton Europe was Deputy Secretary General Mr Jimmy Anderson, while Sports Manager Mr Besim Aliti and Assistant Sports Manager Mr Liam Smith were in attendance representing EUSA.

The meeting covered a wide range of aspects, including referee nominations for EUSA events, operational matters such as competition formats, line judges and live streams as well as upcoming EUSA events, including the 2021 European Universities Championships and more importantly, the steady preparations for this year’s European Universities Games in Belgrade, Serbia.

Meeting with Badminton Europe

Badminton Europe also emphasised the good work of the Serbian Badminton Federation and Mr Radomir Jovovic, who is heavily involved in the work of Badminton Europe, in the preparations of the Badminton competition at EUG2020.

EUSA representatives were also able to attend the European Men's and Women's Badminton Team Championships taking place in Lievin, observing the organisational, operational and sporting aspects of the high-level tournament.

Badminton Team Championships

Mr Aliti and Mr Smith also had the privilege of meeting briefly with Badminton Europe’s President Mr Peter Tarcala and Secretary General Mr Brian Agerbak.

Badminton Europe has been an official partner of EUSA since 2015, with both organisations looking forward to continued cooperation in future.