EUSA contributes to local film workshop

EUSA contributes to local film workshop

A documentary film workshop, organised by the Luksuz Produkcija film production company in celebration of their 20th birthday, took place in Krsko, Slovenia from July 12-19, with EUSA contributing to the week-long event.

EUSA Office’s European Solidarity Corps volunteer Ms Amelie Bury participated to this year’s workshop, which involved theoretical and practical assistance in documentary film making, with the participants working on different projects which were then screened at the end of the week.

Theory session

Ms Bury worked on a specific project focusing on a female Slovenian football coach, Ramiza Seferovic. The documentary aimed to underline the lack of support for female football in Slovenia and around the world, and the constant struggles faced by female players.

Seferovic along with Tanja Lekic – both of whom played in the national Slovenian female football team – founded the female football club ZNK Posajve, which was created to be able to develop a team which can compete in the main league in Slovenia.

The documentary film shows how both Seferovic and Lekic are working with the female players to create a strong team while also trying to get financial support through sponsor partnerships amid the lack of interest in female football.

Film production crew

Ms Bury’s interest in this specific project was sparked by the need to support these kinds of initiatives that promote female football and moreover, women and sport in general. The workshop also presented a good opportunity to integrate and use the knowledge gained by several EU-funded projects on gender equality issues that are carried out by EUSA. Ms Bury is currently working on the GETZ project, which aims to develop, deliver and evaluate an innovative educational resource specifically designed to educate Generation Z on the issues relating to gender equality and equal opportunities in sport.

The documentary is in it’s final stages of completion, and is being lined up for screening at a larger documentary festival in Slovenia in the near future.