EUSA continues to support and advocate for dual career

EUSA continues to support and advocate for dual career

European University Sports Association (EUSA) and the EUSA Institute are strong supporters, promoters and advocates of dual career pathways, recognising the importance of sports and academic achievements of student athletes. Part of the activities in the field of dual career is done in partnership with the European Athlete as Student (EAS) - dual career network, and also directly by taking part in dual career projects and initiatives across Europe.

Through the EUSA Institute, we are engaged in several ongoing projects related to dual career, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Dual career projects are essentials to encourage and guide educational institutions how to put in place education friendly to athletes, and at the same time offer support to sports organisation in ensuring their athletes have access to the education.

EU Guidelines on Dual Career of Athletes

Below is a short overview of six EU-funded projects EUSA institute is currently engaged in, through which we further support the development of dual career programs and activities, in partnerships with Universities, National Olympic Committees, University Sport bodies, Governing sport organisations, NGOs and other stakeholders.

PROmoting DUal Career through Education of young journalists (PRODUCE): key objective is to develop and improve skills and educate young reporters through volunteering at university sports events while also promoting dual career of student athletes. 
Media as a Channel of Athletes’ Dual Careers Promotion and Education (EDMEDIA): aims to promote education in and through sport with special focus on skills development, shaping a positive image and encouraging sports organizations, education institutions and individuals through online platforms and raising awareness through media. 
Education model for parents of athletes in Academics (EMPATIA): the project established an on-line educational programme for parents and guardians of young and talented athletes involved in a dual career path, including base knowledge, parents’ experiences, perceptions, opinions and needs in supporting athletes as students. 
Athletes Friendly Education (AFE): the project developed a certification programme of educational institutions, focused on the promotion of Dual Careers of athletes and the support to innovative educational approaches and good governance in sport. 
Brand Value Alignment through Dual Career (BRAVA): the project aims to enhance the workplace environment so the circumstances and challenges of dual career (DC) athletes and coaches can be recognised and effectively accommodated, reflecting the corporate social responsibility of the business, their brands and values. 
Micro Learning Entrepreneurship for Athletes (MLEA): the project addresses a gap in the field of entrepreneurial education for athletes, promoting education in and through sport, and developing a tailor-made, modular curriculum on entrepreneurship for athletes.

EUSA Sports Manager Miha Zvan, one of the EUSA staff members

We are also happy and proud to see our members engaged in dual career programmes and projects. On October 15, the Slovenian University Sports Association (SUSA) hosted a project dissemination conference of the DCJA (Dual Career for Junior Athletes) project at the City Hall of Ljubljana, with EUSA delegation also attending the event. The relevance of this project was highlighted by the lack of dual career projects targeting junior athletes aged below 19, and the fact that policies to accommodate the needs of student athletes vary from high schools and universities and across the countries.

For more information on the EU guidelines on dual careers of athletes, please see the publication by the European Commission and see the EUSA’s overview of projects on dual career.