EUSA attends working meeting in Switzerland

EUSA attends working meeting in Switzerland

EUSA Secretary General Mr Matjaz Pecovnik met with EUSA Treasurer Mr Lorenz Ursprung for a working meeting at the legal seat of EUSA in Zurich, Switzerland on October 14-15, 2019.

The aim of the meeting was to discuss the implementation of the EUSA Development Strategy and Activity Plan as well as the financial operations of EUSA, in preparation for the next Provisional Budget and Annual Accounts report.

Matjaz Lorenz in Zurich October 2019

While in Zurich, Mr Pecovnik and Mr Ursprung took the opportunity to meet with Mr Cedric Rigoli, Senior Manager of KPMG Switzerland, to discuss future collaboration between KPMG and EUSA.

The outcomes from the meetings will be presented at the next EUSA Executive Committee Meeting, which will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia on November 29-30.