EUSA at the Universal Sport Tourism Summit 2017

EUSA at the Universal Sport Tourism Summit 2017

The city of Alicante and Costa Blanca in Spain hosted the 1st Universal Sports Tourism Summit between January 9-11, 2017. Mr Aitor Canibe Sanchez, EUSA Executive Committee Member represented the European University Sports Association at the event.

During the conference, Mr Canibe Sanchez presented the topic of university sports movement, presenting also EUSA activities and explaining how the events are being used with increasing frequency to build the brand of their host destinations.

Presentation of university sport

The aim of the Congress was to analyse, study and understand the sport tourism from all points of view, inclusive, transversal and universal form. The event featured presentations of several international sporting and tourist events. Key summary is that each role presents different opportunities, risks and requirements, so events must be incorporated strategically into the destination's marketing plan. Strategic incorporation of sport events into destination branding requires that each event is cross-leveraged with others in the destination's event portfolio, as well as with the destination's other sport activities and attractions.

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