EUSA at the LUPA Festival 2020

EUSA at the LUPA Festival 2020

European University Sports Association (EUSA) and the EUSA Institute took part in the 19th LUPA festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia on September 10, 2020.

The aim of the event, coordinated by Slovenian Centre for information service, co-operation and development of NGOs (CNVOS), is to raise awareness of non-governmental organisations, promote their activities, highlight the topics they work in, increase cooperation among various groups, and strengthen cooperation between NGOs and open dialogue on local, national and international level.

Traditional LUPA festival and fair took place in Ljubljana also in 2020

This year, 100 organizations presented themselves at the Festival, which was held on the riverside of the Ljubljanica river in the Slovenian capital, respecting the COVID-19 prevention measures. EUSA stand was prepared and managed by OPES Italia volunteers working in EUSA - Ms Ludovica Appetiti, Ms Arianna Caruso, Ms Valeria Leoci and Mr Giovanni Fabris, under the guidance of the EUSA Communications department.

EUSA interactive stand

EUSA focused the promotion this year on the #MyEUSA campaign, the upcoming International Day of University Sport - #LetsIDUS (September 20), the European Week of Sport - #BeActive 2020 (September 23-30), the European Universities Games coming up next year in Belgrade (July 14 – 27, 2021), EU-funded projects (UNISPORT, PRODUCE, GETZ, EMPATIA, EdMedia, AFE, Match point, HALT, RYSE, SKYS and iFlipp), the active and healthy way of living and international exchange opportunities. Our volunteers challenged the visitors with an aim game and the winners were awarded with a practical gift from EUSA.

#MyEUSA #BeActive #LetsIDUS

The fair and EUSA stand was also visited by EUSA staff members. The stand received lots of attention from students, families and other passers-by, as well as from other NGOs taking part in the event.