EUG2018 host University of Coimbra receives special award

EUG2018 host University of Coimbra receives special award

The University of Coimbra, one of the key hosts at last year’s European Universities Games (EUG2018), was presented with a prestigious award on 27 February, not only for their superb efforts in hosting the 2018 Games, but for their overall contribution to sport. 

Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, on behalf of Portugal’s Ministry of Education, visited the University of Coimbra’s campus, and during a ceremony that took place in the renovated Pavilion 2 of the University Stadium of Coimbra, handed the university’s outgoing rector João Gabriel Silva the Medal of Honour for Sporting Merit.


Minister hands Coimbra rector an award


The award was based on the University of Coimbra’s recent widespread contribution to sport, in part following the hosting of EUG2018, but also their implementation of new activities, their focus on high level sports and their support of dual careers. 

"We put the university sport on the map," a proud Mr Silva said while thanking the Ministry for the award. 

Mr Brandão Rodrigues praised the University of Coimbra for their efforts, hailing them as an example for the rest to follow. 

"Today we are celebrating here again the values that are the values of this university, but they are also the values of sport," the Minister of Education said, as he described Coimbra as "the standard bearer."


Minsiter giving Coimbra rector an award


True to the award which recognised their efforts, the University of Coimbra is still benefitting from their hosting of the EUG last year. Seven months later, this award ceremony took place on the first day of the badminton competition of the University of Coimbra Games that will involve over 900 participants across 10 different sporting codes over the next six months. 

Sports such as volleyball, futsal, soccer and handball will be played in the same facilities in which the EUG was hosted last year, proving that EUG2018 is not only leaving a concrete infrastructural legacy, but also a legacy in sports development at the university. 

Mr Silva hopes the strides made by the University of Coimbra under his guidance will continue under Mr Amílcar Falcão, who was on March 1 inaugurated as the university’s new rector. The 54-year-old pharmacy professor, who had been principal of the university under Mr Silva’s watch and was responsible for research, innovation, fund structures, sports and libraries, was voted in by the 35-member General Council of Coimbra University (UC).