EUG 2018 are officially closed

EUG 2018 are officially closed

It has been exactly 15 days since European Universities Games (EUG) 2018 started and now is the time to say goodbye for two more years until the next edition of the Games that awaits us in Belgrade in 2020. Like the opening ceremony, the closing of the EUG was touching, we had the opportunity to enjoy wonderful performance to say goodbye to all the athletes and to hand over the flag to the organizers of the fifth edition of the EUG.

During the competition we had a chance to see 4027 participants, forming 505 teams, representing 290 universities from 38 different countries, taking part in 13 different sports and trying to win medals. At the beginning of the closing ceremony we had the opportunity to hear the names of all Universities one more time and see their representatives on the football field of the University sports stadium of the University of Coimbra.

After the presentation once again we saw the incredible presentation of student life in Coimbra but this time through the gym show „Vida Academica“ depicting special moments in the life of a student in Coimbra. We heard the story of the students houses, learn about „Festa das latas“ and about Serenate which makes the City of Coimbra and its University unique and special.

Organizing Committee Secretary General Mr Mario Santos welcomed everyone who were present during the Games in Coimbra and that the Organizing Committee tended to present to unique experience with more than just sport. He also stated that the legacy of the European Universities Games will serve to continue to promote Olympic values among the students of Coimbra.

EUSA President Mr Adam Roczek thanked everyone who helped organizing the European Universities Games and stated that two weeks of excited sport competition conducted in a Fair Play spirit, and that we have two weeks of friendship behind us. He added that the mission of University sport is to unite European students with true spirit of friendship. To educate them and let them be inspired by cultural diversity of Europe. At the end, Mr Roczek especially thanked the volunteers who are the engine that made the whole mechanism running.

European Universities Games were officially closed by the Secretary of State Ms Maria Fernanda Rollo who said her gratitude for all the guests and for the Organizing Committee for doing an amazing job.

The flag of EUSA was dehoisted after the president of EUSA officially closed the fourth edition of the EUG, President of EUSA Mr Adam Roczek handled it to the President of the University Sports Federation of Serbia, Mr Sinisa Jasnic, host of the fifth edition of European Universities Games in Belgrade 2020.

After the official part of the closing ceremony was over all those who gathered had the opportunity to enjoy more cultural program and to meet University of Coimbra even more. 

EUSA would like to thank the Organizing Committee, with the University of Coimbra, Municipality of Coimbra, FADU and Academica for organizing such a great event and Portuguese authorities for their support. Also, we would like to congratulate the first medal of the newest member of EUSA, University Sports Association of Kosovo.

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