EUC 2019 Orienteering preparation visit

EUC 2019 Orienteering preparation visit

EUSA was in the historical Czech city of Olomouc earlier this week as part of a preparation visit ahead of the very first European Universities Orienteering Championships 2019.

Orienteering will make its debut in the EUC sports programme this year as one of 23 sports taking place at 18 different venues across the European continent this Summer.

The maiden championship takes place in the Czech Republic’s sixth-largest city Olomouc, which is no stranger to hosting EUSA competitions, having held the 2017 European Universities Table Tennis Championships tournament in the very same city two years ago. 

Orienteering 2019 inspection visit

EUSA was represented by Sports Manager Mr Besim Aliti in Olomouc for the two-day meeting, which began with a progress report on preparations for the event, as well as an overview of the master plan.

Mr Aliti was able to meet with the local Organising Committee members regarding technical aspects of the event such as rules and regulations and various media-related queries, while the opportunity was also taken to meet representatives of the Palacký University Olomouc, which included Vice Deans of the Faculty of Physical Culture Mr Pavel Hap and Mr Svatopluk Horak.

EUSA's inspection visit to Olomouc for Orienteering

EUSA is looking forward to what should be highly-enjoyable Orienteering championship in Olomouc, which will take place from July 24-27.

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