Celebrating #ErasmusDays 2021

Celebrating #ErasmusDays 2021

Celebrations of this year’s edition of the #ErasmusDays festival have started today all across Europe, with the European University Sports Association and EUSA Institute also joining the commemoration.

#ErasmusDays is a unique three-day celebration of the Erasmus+ Programme in Europe and beyond, where various events are organised across the world to celebrate the Programme, share Erasmus experiences or promote different projects associated with the Erasmus+ Programme.

Last year, over 5000 events were held in 84 countries and in 2021, the fifth edition of this festival is taking place on October 14, 15 and 16. An array of different celebrations across the continent and world are scheduled, including exhibitions, concerts, contests, seminars, partner networking, open days, etc - some in-person and some online.

EUSA, through its Institute, is involved in several projects co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, and is using this year’s #ErasmusDays festival to highlight some of the transnational projects active in 2021, with special focus the different topics:
- Dual Career: PROmoting DUal Career through Education of young journalists (PRODUCE), Media as a Channel of Athletes’ Dual Careers Promotion and Education - (EDMEDIA), Education model for parents of athletes in Academics (EMPATIA), Athletes Friendly Education (AFE), Brand Value Alignment through Dual Career (BRAVA), Micro Learning Entrepreneurship for Athletes (MLEA)
- Inclusion and Equal Opportunities: Inclusion in Sport (iSport), Gender Equality Toolkit for Generation Z (GETZ), Innovating Football Leadership through Practice and Policy (IFLIPP), Rainbow Youth for Sporting Equality (RYSE), PROmoting GendeR Equality in Sports (PROGRES)
- Safeguarding in Sport, Clean and Sustainable Sport: Match point, Halting Harassment and Abuse in Sports using Learning Technologies (HALT), Green Sports Hub Europe (GSHE)
- Mobility, Volunteering and Sports events: Unisport, European Universities Games, United Forces to Support the Education of University Sport Community (UNI4S)
- Volunteering: Work for a cause, serve for sport (W4C), Beach Volunteer, Beach Fair (VOLFAIR), European Solidarity Corps (ESC)

To see what #ErasmusDays activities are being organised in your location, and to find out more about the event, please visit www.erasmusdays.eu.