Big #LetsIDUS plans for 2019

Big #LetsIDUS plans for 2019

With exactly three weeks to go until the International Day of University Sport (IDUS) on Friday, September 20, excitement is building ahead of what is expected to be the biggest edition of the annual event.

Officially proclaimed by UNESCO, FISU’s International Day of University Sport has since 2016 been celebrated as a day to promote sporting activities at higher education institutions around the globe, while reinforcing the importance and benefit of a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Of the 97 FISU member countries who took part in various activities to celebrate IDUS last year, two EUSA member countries were the most active, with 180 000 students participating in more than 160 IDUS-related activities organised by the Hungarian University Sports Federation, while close to 45 000 participants enjoyed the 76 different activities organised by the Russian Student Sport Union.

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The Hungarian and Russian federations are looking to once again be the leaders in IDUS activities this year, with the Hungarian University Sports Federation preparing to host 180 000 students at 160 different activities held in 36 locations across the country, while over 60 events have been planned across Russia, including sport events, festivals, conferences, seminars, exhibitions and flash mobs, where over 30 000 students are expected to attend.

While numerous other activities are planned all over the world, a unique IDUS celebration is planned in another EUA member country Estonia, where an obstacle course is being set by the Estonian Military Academy in Tartu, where students will be able to test their skills, strength and endurance.

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As part of the fourth edition of IDUS, FISU have once again organised a second instalment of the International University Step Challenge, an exciting campaign which aims to get students active while also giving them the chance to win amazing prizes.

Following its inauguration last year, FISU in conjunction with NXL have relaunched the Step Challenge which this year begins on 1 September and culminates on 20 September, the International Day of University Sport.

Students need to make sure they have either the Google Fit App or Apple Health App installed as these apps are used to determine the number of steps done or number of stairs climbed, and following the 20 days of the Challenge, both individual students and universities will be rewarded for being the most active during the competition.

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More than 50 universities have already signed up for the challenge and the winner will be decided based on points earned from total steps done, total stairs climbed, as well as the percentage of participating students (of total number of students enrolled), with a cash prize and sports equipment up for grabs.

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