Basketball: Gold in mens competition is already reserved?

Basketball: Gold in mens competition is already reserved?

Basketball is the king of University sport. Since the year one of European University sport, basketball is present and every year brings us excitement and a lot of good players. If we made best student team it could easily compete in competition as strong as FIBA basketball championship. But, in mens competition it seems that the gold is already taken.

Ladies competitions will be the most interesting if we watch the history of European Universities Sports. Since the beginning of the competition every year we wait to see who will be the next champion, because so far 8 different universities returned home the gold. You can say that it is a rule that one team wins couple consecutive titles and then goes down. That happen to University of Novi Sad, University of Ljubljana and Russian State Agricultural University, and University of Belgrade and University of Strasbourg and University of Gorzow Wielkopolski.

Last year victory went to University of Strasbourg, France and they are back to win their fourth medal in the last five competitions.

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In mens competition situation is different. It seems that we have a rule, that if you see team from Lithuania, give them a medal. So far, every time a university of Lithuania came to the European Universities Games or Championship give them gold medal. So far three universites came to 8 different championships and won 9 medals. Ofcourse, 8 of them were gold medals and University of Siauliai had to satisfy with the bronze.

Of course, we have to mention that besides teams from Lithuania universities from Turkey, Greece, Slovenia and Serbia won the gold medal and we hope for an interesting tournament in Coimbra.

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