Badminton: Preparing future Olympians

Badminton: Preparing future Olympians

Two days ago we were mentioning sports who are celebrating their anniversary as a part of EUSA family of sports and badminton is along tennis and futsal that for 15th year in a row gather students and promote university sport as well as gender equality.

Since the beginning it was decided that the core of badminton sport would be teams that are consisted from at least 2 men and 2 women badminton players and members of teams can compete also in the individual and in the doubles. So far we had the privilege to host players who became Olympians and among top ranked badminton players in the world.

It is a great honor for University sport events to host current or future Olympians and we had that privilege year after year. In women competition first gold medal was won by Maja Tvrdy, one of two badminton players for Slovenia that competed at Olympic Games, and she had that opportunity in London 2012. Olga Konon represented that represented Germany in Beijing 2008 was also competing for her University while she was a student and won medals. As well as Sabrina Jacquet who is the most recent example because she competed in Rio de Janeiro 2016.

Only one female badminton player that won a medal at EUSA competition went to two Olympic Games representing Poland both in Beijing 2008 and in London four years later.

Do not thing that we forgot the guys. Przemyslaw Wacha broke the ice because he was the first EUSA champion who participated also at the Olympic Games because he did it in Beijing 2008. Multiple medalist from EUSA competition, Dmytro Zavadskyy had the privilege to represent Ukraine at the Olympic Games in London 2012 and Vladimir Malkov did it in 2016, representing Russia.

List of top badminton players who participated at EUSA events would look like a phonebook and we do not want to forget anyone. If you go to this link you can search for yourself for every of 14 previous EUSA badminton Championships and Games.