Happy International Volunteer Day from EUSA

Happy International Volunteer Day from EUSA

In 1985 the United Nations recognised the International Volunteer day (IVD) in order to celebrate volunteerism in all its diversity and pay a special tribute to the participation of people on regional, national and international levels. The IVD is a chance for organizations with involvement of groups of volunteers and also individual volunteers to promote their contributions.

EUSA, the European University Sports Association, is very happy about the recognition from students Europe-wide who are participating in every event to make it successful. The volunteer program gives the opportunity of experiencing a unique adventure, learning about the values of sport and gaining valuable work experience through volunteering. During the last European Universities Games 2014 in Rotterdam more than 100 international volunteers collected great memories and made this event special.

EUSA volunteers at the European Universities Games Rotterdam

Two of them wanted to contribute and get to know EUSA more. Now we are hosting Anna Édes from Hungary and Niels Nürnberger from Germany, within the project of the European Voluntary Service (EVS). At the same time, Tatsiana Andruszka from Belarus is doing her internship in the Office of the President of EUSA in Wroclaw. These volunteers play a very important role in the preparation for the upcoming events, but also have the chance to get to know the local culture, language and the host country.

EUSA welcomed new EVS volunteers and interns

EUSA Student Commission coordinates the volunteer program for international volunteers, in cooperation with the local organisers, at the European Universities Championships and the European Universities Games. We encourage everyone to take part in volunteering in the future and be part of EUSA! The registration for next year's events opens on January 1st 2015.

International volunteers welcome!

Volunteers: Today is your day! Your work is most valuable and irreplaceable! Thank you for the commitment, knowledge and joy you bring to us!

Happy International Volunteer Day!

EUSA President, staff and volunteers and interns

If you want to read about some experiences of volunteers at the 2014 Games in Rotterdam, check this link: http://www.eusa.eu/news?Whats-Up-Value-of-Volunteers
For more information about the EUSA volunteer program in general, click here: http://www.eusa.eu/projects/eusa-volunteer-programme
About the European Volunteer Service (EVS) and opportunities in EUSA, you will find more information here: http://www.eusa.eu/projects/european-voluntary-service