Executive Committee Meeting

Executive Committee Meeting
The German University Sports Federation (ADH) hosted the 3rd EUSA Executive Committee meeting this year. The meeting took place in Darmstadt from October 14-16, 2005.
The most important decisions, made on the EUSA Executive Commmittee meeting, are: EUC 2006
BEACHVOLLEYBALL The deadline for the candidatures for the organisation of the 3rd EUC BeachVolleyball has been postponed until November 15th, 2005.
KARATE The Executive Committee decided to organise the EUC Karate biannually in the future.
ROWING The organisation of the 2nd EUC Rowing was attributed to Brive la Gaillarde (FRA). The event will take place from September 2-3, 2006.
FOOTBALL (women) The Executive Committee agreed to apply the system of 7 players per team in Football women. The member federations are asked to appoint the teams until December 31, 2005.

The Seminar for the EUC organisers 2006 will take place in Eindhoven from February 4-6, 2006.

EUSA granted its patronage for a traditional tournament “EuroMilano 2005” to be held November 18 – 19.

EUC 2007
FUTSAL The Executive Committee received a bid from the Slovenian University Sports Association for the European University Futsal Championship in Koper in July 2007. The EC intends to attribute the 4th European University Futsal Championship to Koper. All the member federations are asked to oppose or present an own bid until November 30, 2005. The final decisoin will be made on the EC meeting in Wroclaw on December 1, 2005.
ALL OTHER SPORTS The Executive Committee decided to set the deadline for the bids for the European University Championships in 2007 to January 31, 2006.
NEW SPORTS Member federations will receive in the next days the questionnaire about the potential new sports in 2007.