EUC Badminton finished

EUC Badminton finished
The European Universities Badminton Championship 2007 that was held from November 12-17, 2007 in St. Petersburg (RUS) successfully finished. 18 university teams with over 150 participants from 12 European countries took part on the event which was organised by the Russian Student Sports Union and the St. Petersburg Organising Committee. The event was the first EUC organised in Russia.

You can find more info on the EUSA page dedicated to 4th European Universities Badminton Championship or the official website of the event:


Team Competition

1.  University of Hamburg (GER)
2.  University of Vladivostok (RUS)

Men's Single
1. Roch, Jens    Saarland University (GER)
2. Ivanov, Vladimir; University of Chelyabinsk (RUS)
3. Schoettler, Sebastian Jens; University of Hamburg (GER)
3. Lunev, Sergey; University of Vladivostok (RUS)

Women' s Single
1. Prus, Olena; NTU KHPI (UKR)
2. Martynenko, Mariya NTU KHPI (UKR)
3. Dimova, Evgenia, University of Vladivostok (RUS)
3. Polikarpova, Ksenia, FINEC of Saint-Petersburg (RUS)

Men's Double
1. Malutin, Viktor + Ukk, Nikolai; FINEC of Saint-Petersburg (RUS)
2. Lunev, Sergey + Vasil'Ev, Alexey: University of Vladivostok (RUS)
3. Ivanov, Vladimir + Hakimov, Nikita; University of Chelyabinsk (RUS)
3. Zauner, Peter + Zirnwald, Roman (AUT)

Women's Double
1. Rojdestvenskaya, Valeria + Polikarpova, Ksenia; FINEC of Saint-Petersburg (RUS)
2. Brett, Liz + Smith, Caroline; Loughborough University (GBR)
3. Chydenseva, Lubov + Naymenkova, Anastacia; University of Chelyabinsk (RUS)
3. Neumann, Karoline + Klingelhofer, Claudia; TU Munchen (GER)

Mixed Double
1. Vasil'Ev, Alexey + Dimova, Evgenia; University of Vladivostok (RUS)
2. Nazarenko, Anton + Shimko, Elena; University of Moscow (RUS)
3. Niesner, Maurice + Hoffmann, Astrid; University of Hamburg (GER)
3. Armstrong, Tom + Brett, Liz: Loughborough University (GBR