General questions


1 – What does EUSA stands for: here

2 – What are EUSA activities: here




 Taking part in an event


You are a student


1 – How to qualify for championships? here

2 – How to register for championships? here

3 – How to get involved in other EUSA activities? here


You are in charge of sports in a University


1 – Students are asking me how to register: here

2 – How can I promote EUSA activities in my university? here

3 – I have an on-going/future University sports project, how can EUSA help me? here




Organising an event


You are organising a EUSA event


1 – I’ve lost my codes: here


You want to organise a EUSA event


1 – What events are open to bid for organisation? here

2 – What are the deadlines of the bidding process? here

3 – What documents do I have to submit? here

4 – What are the requirements to organise EUSA events? here








1 – I have interest in one specific event: here

2 – I have interest in general EUSA activities: here

3 – I’m looking for facts and figures: here



1 – I am interested in supporting EUSA activities: here




Money Matters


I'm a student


1 – What are the costs to take part in a European Universities Championship? here

2 – How, When and to Who should I pay ? here