European Universities Games Belgrade 2020


The European University Sports Association (EUSA) announced the start of the bidding procedure for the 2020 European Universities Games on June 1, 2015.

European Universities Games


European Universities Games (EUG) is a multi-sport university sports competition governed by the European University Sports Association (EUSA). Participants in these events are European university teams. The Games are organised on a biannual basis, starting with 2012, with European Universities Championships being organised in even years. The Games as such represent the largest European multisport student event.

The first edition of the Games in 2012 attracted over 2500 participants, representing 154 universities from 32 countries and the second edition in 2014 witnessed over 2800 participants from 34 countries, representing 174 universities from 34 countries.

Attribution of the 2020 Games was held during the EUSA General Assembly in Wroclaw, Poland. First, Bidding Cities for the European Universities Games 2020 make their final presentation at the Forum on April 8. According to the draw which was held the day prior at the EUSA Executive Committee, the City of Belgrade, Serbia went first. Representatives of the Bidding Committee, lead by Mr Uros Zekovic, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports and Mr Sinisa Jasnic, President  of the University Sports Federation of Serbia shared their vision of the event. The Finnish City of Tampere was the second Bidding City for the European Universities Games 2020 and their delegation was lead by Anna-Kaisa Heinamaki, Deputy Mayor of the City of Tampere, Mr Bennie Wardi, the President of the Finnish Student Sports Federation.

Belgrade bidding

The decision between two excellent bid – Tampere (FIN) and Belgrade (SRB) – was not an easy one, and the 5th edition of the EUSA Games in 2020 will be held in Belgrade, the Serbian capital.

EUG2020 Belgrade Bidding Team

After the emotional official announcement, the Vice-Mayor of Tampere Mrs Anna-Kaisa Heinamaki congratulated their rivals and wished them best of luck with the organisation. The President of the University Sports Federation of Serbia Mr Sinisa Jasnic thanked Tampere members and acknowledged their strong bid. He then thanked the bidding team and EUSA for their vote of confidence and welcomed everyone to Belgrade.

Signing the Agreement

Please see our section on the European Universities Games for more information about the past and attributed events.